SeaDwarf Seashore Paspalum

SeaDwarf is a release from Environmental Turf and is the industries only true dwarf cultivar. It is an excellent selection for golf course putting greens and fairways.


  • SeaDwarf™ Seashore Paspalum is the only dwarf cultivar of Seashore Paspalum.
  • A warm-season turfgrass with a fine texture
  • Bright green color
  • Tolerates a wide range of mowing heights, about 1/10-inch to about 4-inches.
  • Can be irrigated with low quality water. Potable, effluent, reclaimed, even seawater under the right conditions, can be used as an irrigation source.

Water Quality Tolerance:

  • SeaDwarf™ Seashore Paspalum is highly salt tolerant. Though SeaDwarf™ can be irrigated with fresh water, lower quality water may be used as an irrigation source. It can be irrigated with brackish water, gray water, effluent or water with a salt content of up to 22,000 ppm, or in some cases, higher. A golf course in Mallorca, Spain, irrigates its SeaDwarf™ with straight seawater.
  • Weeds can be treated with ordinary table salt. SeaDwarf™ will remain unharmed!
  • It is perfect for situations where quality irrigation water is not an option.
  • SeaDwarf™ is great for seaside applications. Salt spray over seawalls won't harm it. At least one waterfront golf course has been known to irrigate it with water right out of the bay.

Environmental Qualities:

  • SeaDwarf™ Seashore Paspalum needs low fertilizer, low nitrogen and can be treated for weeds with table salt. This saves time and money and helps the environment by putting much fewer chemicals into the ecosystem.
  • Requires up to 50 percent less water than bermudagrass.
  • Can be irrigated with recycled water.
  • Has much less nitrogen run-off than many other turfgrasses because less nitrogen is used for fertilization.


All paspalum selections are sterile, and must be propagated by transferring stolons or sod.