Celebration Bermuda Grass

Celebration Bermudagrass is an Australian Breed Cynodon dactylon developed by renowned turfgrass breeder Rod Riley that offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sportsturf managers and homeowners exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications.

Celebration requires less mowing than typical bermuda varieties and has tough runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, wearability, and improved drought tolerance.

While shade tolerance research is ongoing at the university level, Celebration is the first bermudagrass to exhibit improved tolerance in sportsturf comparisons. Celebration has also been included in several comparative bermudagrass studies including the 2002 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials where early observations are very promising.


Fine leaf blade Bermudagrass that can be mowed below 1/2" inch. Excellent color and shade tolerance.

Water Quality Tolerance

Tolerates moderate to poor water quality.

Weed Tolerance

Celebration spreads quickly during establishment and forms a dense turf which will compete with the presence of weeds when properly maintained. An annual pre-emerge program is suggested.

Insect/Pest Tolerance

Celebration is susceptible to insects that feed on foliage of grasses.


Celebration is sterile, and must be propagated by transferring stolons or sod.